Snapchat Leaked Exposes Users’ Intimate Pics, Proving There’s No ‘Erasing’ From the Internet


UPDATE 06/28/2013The Snapchats Leaked site is now a single page, explaining why the founders have decided not to continue: “While we have taken the moral decision to no longer post any SnapChat photo, there are still lots of other leaked websites and facebook/twitter copycats out there where your personal snaps are on view to the public across the world.”

UPDATE! The Snapchat Leaked site is working again, and the founder has been outed as 18-year-old Joshua Brandwood, who plans on making the site ‘big.’ 

Snapchat is currently seeing over 150 million photos taken — and erased — a day, and the Stanford-educated co-founders are adamant that it’s uses extend far beyond sexting. They could be right, but looking at Snapchat Leaked — a blog featuring anonymous, screenshotted Snapchat photos — it’s hard to imagine anything you’d want to do with SnapChat besides sexy pics.

The site launched in Britain, according to BetaBeat, and had its Facebook page pulled shortly after garnering 534,000 likes in 20 hours. There is now a new, active Facebook page with 10,500+ likes here.

Like any good viral blog, it’s crowdsourced, and the photos do not reveal users’ Snapchat ID; some photos are even censored with strategically placed Snapchat logos.

The nameless creators told the Metro that “most [users] see it as fun and getting ‘Facebook famous.'”

And they said Generation Y isn’t on Facebook anymore!

You can check out the blog here (link is very NSFW), as well as the Twitter account — with a total of 7 tweets and 9,400+ followers — here.  No word yet on Snapchat founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy’s reaction to the blog, which combines the wildest dreams of their users with the worst nightmares of their investors, but we’re guessing things could be heating up for Snapchat’s privacy functions.