App-Only Horror Movie ‘Haunting Melissa’ — Made By the Producer of ‘The Ring’ — Is Getting Panned


Neal Edelstein, a producer of creepy classics ‘The Ring’ and ‘Mulholland Drive,’ has made a first attempt at creating a new brand of horror: the ‘app-only’ film “Haunting Melissa.”

According to TechCrunch, the ‘app’ is trying to innovate across story structure as well as plot. “Haunting Melissa” is delivered on a sporadic schedule, with some ‘chapters’ a minute long and others up to 20 minutes. The idea is to have readers tense up as soon as they receive the latest episode, the same way they get a shot of endorphins when they receive a Facebook notification.

The actual story is about a young woman “plagued by mysterious noises and apparitions after her mother dies.”  You can watch the trailer here, which looks to have so-so production values, as well as some predictable horror-trailer tropes like, “I think something’s out there…” and “What did you people do to my mother?!”

Edelstein says he wanted to “challenge technology and challenge how people consume content,” along with partner Hooked Digital Media. This means adding shifting story elements which reward multiple re-watches, such as seeing or hearing different things with each view. He also said he was partially inspired by “Lake Mungo,” an Australian horror mockumentary which is totally available on Netflix and I totally recommend.

The app is available for iOS for $6.99, and unfortunately…the few available reviews make it sound pretty bad, with one reviewer noting, “FOX NEWS is more frightening.”

Anybody else got opinions? Share in the comments…I’m a fan of spooky movies myself, but have no patience for films that don’t deliver. That’s that sh*t I don’t like.