YouTube Founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen Just Released a Vine Clone…in Chinese


YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have just released a very blatant clone of Vine — for China! According to TechCrunch, the app, Wan-Pai, has the same recording method as Vine, and yes, the app site is entirely in Chinese.

Wan-Pai might have a slight advantage with filters and features — you can choose whether to play videos forward, backward, or in a mixed-loop — but the six-second limit is the same as Vine. Wan-Pai is a product of Avos Systems, the ‘digital media and discovery company’ led by Chen and Hurley.

TechCrunch seems pretty flabbergasted by the whole thing, although as we learned from the saga of Lei Jun — the ‘Chinese Steve Jobs’ — that there is serious money to be made in emerging markets by aping business tactics and products. And calls for ‘changing the world’ aside, what else is really important in entrepreneurship besides makin’ cash? Rocket Ventures — founded by a trio of Harvard-educated brothers — is another company whose entire business model is based on copying-and-pasting American business models to underdeveloped countries.