CHRIS DIXON: Here’s Why Microsoft is Wrong About Tablets


In a blog post, Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz has a few thoughts on how to win at mobile — the first being that anyone who dismisses the power of tablet apps is a fool.  He believes the interface shift will lead to a new class of productivity apps, contrary to recent Microsoft advertisements targeting iPads as ‘consumption’ toys.

However, the road for app founders is lumpier than ever, as app stores still take 30% of revenue, lead consumers to expect cheap prices, and also drive a blockbuster effect with ‘Top Download’ charts, making it hard for software to grow from a grassroots consumer base.

Thus, most of the companies that have succeeded on mobile have been those with ‘attach’ services outside of the app store, such as Uber and Square, or desktop incumbents like Amazon and Facebook.

Dixon is also bullish on Android, believing that developers will make the switch from ‘iOS-first’ to ‘Android-first’ within the next few years. In either case, b2b-mobile opportunities will be huge, and are still largely undeveloped — particularly in new categories of software for people who previously used pencil and paper.