Foundry Group and Union Square Ventures Don’t Like NSA Prism Program, But Some VCs Saw It Coming


Contrary to Valleywag’s belief, the NSA data-spying program blindsided many Silicon Valley (and Alley) leaders; more than a few VCs took the weekend to gather their thoughts and issue invectives of varying intensity.

Brad Feld of the Foundry Group wrote that he has read over 50 articles on the issue, and still doesn’t quite understand what’s going on. Whatever PRISM is, or isn’t, Feld notes that he never really believed he had true data privacy, although he will avoid playing “big money politics” to fight the system.

Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures is more forthright in his criticism: he thinks the program is anti-democratic and highly abusive. However, he seems heartened by the potential for using network analysis as a government tool — just as long as public officials are transparent. Which may or may not be a paradox…

Finally, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures — who was an early investor in Twitter — is simply heartened that his investee was the only tech giant that did not submit to NSA demands. He also followed up with a cryptic quote from George Orwell’s dystopian classic ‘1984’…Wilson, it would appear, can sleep well at night knowing his company’s stick up for their users.