Poor? Start a Big Data Company…They’ve Raised Over $62 Million in the Past Three Days


All things equal, I’ll take a nice food-delivery startup over a big-data enterprise company, because I’m a blogger, and I hate writing about software.

But from a pure business perspective, one could argue that the only companies with billion-dollar opportunities these days are enterprise firms making sense of the deluge of data we’re all buried under. This week has already seen three such companies raise big ol’ pots of cash:

Modus, based in Washington, D.C., has raised over $10 million to help companies process and host their increasingly digital paperwork. Legal-tech startups are a little-known gold mine for startups, as Rocket Lawyer recently raised $15 million to expand their platform connecting lawyers and clients, and to squash their arch-nemesis LegalZoom. (VentureBeat)

SageClouda data storage company in Boston, raised over $10 million in a Series B round led by Braemer Energy Ventures. The company focuses on ‘cold storage,’ which basically means housing data that is not typically used.

BrightEdge raised a $42.8 million round to expand its platform of big data analytics for marketing companies. Other notable big data cum marketing consultancies include Aggregate Knowledge, which raised $11.4 million in February, and Tealium, which raised $15.6 million in April.