FiftyThree, Designer of ‘App of the Year’-Winning Paper, Raises $15 Million from Andreessen Horowitz and Others


You may have never heard of an app called Paper—which allows users to intuitively design images on a tablet using digital “pencil and paper”—but in a business world full of competition as expansive and diverse as that of app design, success and notoriety are becoming increasingly disassociated. According to TechCrunch, FiftyThree, the startup that created Paper, has received a $15 million dollar endorsement from Andreessen Horowitz and several other donors.

The Paper app has had incredible success as a creative tool for the tablet, garnering numerous Apple awards including App of the Year. In an interview with TechCrunch earlier this year, the co-founders made clear their ambitions: “We want to be delivering the best creation experience on tablets,” says CEO Georg Petchnigg.  And it appears they may have reached their goal, for now.  Apps like Sketchbook Express and Procreate have honed in on the creative design market as well, but Paper’s many accolades and this latest backing by Andreessen Horowitz make it clear that when it comes to tablet creativity, FiftyThree is setting the bar.

Andreessen Horowitz partner Chris Dixon also discusses the funding in his latest blog post, positing that FiftyThree is fulfilling Steve Jobs’ vision for how “PCs will become like trucks,’ as tablets fill the need for content creation applications. FiftyThree did not technically need the funding, apparently, but plans to use the money to scale engineering teams to Seattle and New York.