BRAD FELD: Here’s What Happens When VCs Disagree


Brad Feld of the Foundry Group is not shy about giving his advice, but at the same time, he won’t grudge you if you follow someone else’s lead — that’s the catch of “mentor whiplash,” where you have to weigh conflicting advice from different mentors.

According to Feld’s recent blog post, Feld and serial entrepreneur Steve Blank both published articles for the Wall Street Journal Accelerator section on Monday: Blank suggested for entrepreneurs to be wary of giving away board seats too early, while Feld asserted the exact opposite — the sooner you build your board, the better.

Feld says that both he and Blank are essentially want entrepreneurs to “be careful with who you add to your board,” with Blank taking an even more cautious view of resume-padding investors or overcontrolling bosses. The goal for founders should be to find a friend and teammate who is helpful but not a control freak for your board– don’t be too quick to add just any angel investor, but don’t second-guess your gut if you trust someone.

And with regards to “mentor whiplash,” once again, the best entrepreneurs will be able to process opposing data and make an independent decision, with little emotional friction. Like Fred Wilson says — too much due diligence can be fatal.