Which Celebrities on Vine Are Already Leaving for Video on Instagram?


Facebook unveiled a 15-second video sharing tool yesterday, Video on Instagram, and consumers responded with their thumbs — over 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours, according to TechCrunch. Compare that to Vine’s current average of 1 million uploads/daily, and a winner seems clear….

But not so fast! Technology correspondent Farhad Manjoo at Slate took the official  launch at Facebook headquarters as a watershed moment in Valley history — the moment he knew the whole industry is stuck in an innovation rut. He mocked the “bombastic naiveté” of Mark Zuckerberg and went straight for the jugular on Instagram leader Kevin Systrom, noting that his “mouth was approximating Steve Jobsian reality-distortion poetry, but his eyes, I swear, were blinking out a hostage’s coded plea: ‘Get me out of here. Please.'”

Sounds, uh, like a fun launch party…

Videos on Instagram are insanely hard to embed — Mashable gives a tutorial here — but I did a quick survey of my favorite Vine stars. Taylor Swift posted a Vine about five hours ago — that’s loyalty! — and perhaps Josh Peck (of “Drake and Josh” fame) puts it best: