Lollipuff is a Luxury Authenticator That Only Sells Louboutin, Chanel, Balenciaga and Herve Leger


Lollipuff is an eBay-style auction house for designer goods — specifically Chanel, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin and Herve Leger. If this sounds familiar, that’s because TheRealReal, Vaunte and Bib+Tuck are already making huge waves in the luxury consignment market — but don’t count Lollipuff out yet!

“We’re the only one in the space that has the dual benefit of a low seller fee at the same time so we can guarantee authenticity,” founder Fei Deyle tells Forbes. To wit: most online consignment shops take a 30-40% cut of any transaction. Lollipuff takes 7%.

Deyle started the site as a blog — still running — where she sold some of her used dresses to readers and became profitable almost instantly. Lollipuff has since gained a solid groundroot following of 800 or so active users — who spend $500 per transaction on average — by becoming an expert “authenticator,” evaluating items both on and off-line to ensure they are true designer. Lollipuff has created its own patent-pending authentication software, and guarantees 100% money back.

This (potentially) saves time for sellers not having to send in items to a warehouse to be authenticated — Deyle says that “a true expert can use nothing but a photo” to authenticate. The site’s 10-day silent auction period will be familiar to any eBay user, and Deyle says the site has grown 30% month-on-month since launch.

A quick perusal of the site finds some intriguing deals, assuming you’re a female whose persnickety about her Chanel and Louboutin. A Black Chanel Flap Bag sells for $900 — marked down from $4000 — and a Herve Leger Black Bateau Neck Cap Sleeve Bandage Dress is selling for $150, marked down from $900.

Check out the ‘Fakespotting 101′ video below — starring Prof. Susan Scafidi of the Fordham University School of Law — and decide for yourself whether you need an expert.