Jack Dorsey Really Likes Charlie Chaplin Movies, Really Wants to Disrupt Healthcare, and Other Revelations


According to a recent Wall Street Journal profile, Square CEO and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is not letting any of the Valleywag snark or ‘Steve Jobs-wannabe‘ mocking get him down — the dude still really, really wants to be compared to Steve Jobs.

“When you focus on the details and on efficiency of motion, something really magical happens,” Dorsey told the WSJ, explaining why he was screening Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’ for Square employees.

Then again, Dorsey seems to have come about his ‘simplicity and order’ mantra through a natural route — he would study the “contours of gingko leaves” for hours as an apprentice at the Missouri Botanical Garden, and almost committed himself to a career as a massage therapist before being dissuaded by a night club owner.

Reporter Seth Stevenson even makes an effort to differentiate between Jobs and Dorsey, asserting that Jobs’ maniacal focus on products never strayed into worrying about how people will use them (which kinda seems not true, considering all his talk about how a computer is like a ‘bicycle’). Dorsey, on the other hand, looks at roadblocks in life and tries to synthesize elegant solutions.

There’s no mention of Dorsey’s plans for a NYC mayoral run, although he does give a hint about his next act: healthcare. “We need new tools,” he says.

How profound.