THE SECRET TO VICTORY: Here Are the Words Content Marketers Use to Make Sure You Open E-mails


Econsultancy, which previously seemed to hit every stereotype of a bubbly, nebulous digital marketing agency, has done some actual analytics and come up with the precise effectiveness of over 287 e-mail subject-line keywords across a sample of 2.2 billion e-mails.

The experiment was apparently inspired by President Obama and his crack email marketing team, most of whom are now cashing in as members of private consultancy Analytics Media Group. The experiment seems pretty sound; they measured variance based on the standard metrics of Open Rate, Click-through Rate (CTR), Click-to-open rate (CTOR), and Unsubscribe rates. And as always, remember your AP Statistics  Rule No.1: Correlation does not equal causation.

Now, to the  hot words:

“Sale” gives a 23.2% open-rate and 60.7% CTR, while “Save” only gives 3.4 open-rate and a dismal -25.2% CTR.

DON’T use “Report,” which has a -23.7% open-rate and -54.8% CTR, or “Webinar,” which has a -16.6% open-rate and -70.7% CTR.

And good tidings for journalists! “News” (34.8% open-rate, 47.7% CTR), “Bulletin” (15.8% open-rate, 12.7% CTR) and “Video” (+18.5% open-rate, 64.8% CTR) are all winners.

Finally, if you’re going to send out e-mails, do it “Weekly” (27.1% open-rate and 50.6% CTR) or “Daily” (27.8% open-rate and 100.3% CTR)…not “Monthly” (-26.6% open-rate and -37% clicks).

Overall, I was pretty impressed that an agency with over 849 “Web 2.0″ blog posts could cut through with such interesting findings. Check out the full report here — quick sign-up required.