Here’s What the Media Moguls Are Doing at Sun Valley Right Now


The term “media mogul” has evolved quite a bit over the years, but for the purposes of the 2013 Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference, let’s just define it as “someone who owns something produced and/or distributed by computers.” That about covers the range of investment bankers, tech leaders, Hollywood honchos and old-world news hounds currently schmoozing in Idaho.

The conference is a notorious breeding ground for takeovers, mergers and general tycoon buffoonery. So what’s gone down so far?

-Google CEO Larry Page was conspicuously absent due to his vocal cord condition, which also makes it difficult to breathe. In his place is Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora, and Chief Executive of YouTube Salar Kamangar, according to the NYTimes.

According to Variety, Eric Schmidt addressed concerns about piracy by asserting that Google has shut down 82,000 AdSense users who infringed on intellectual property. Harvey Weinstein thought that was all well and good, but still talked afterward of how Google needs to negotiate royalty rights with media proprietors.

According to Variety, Jeff Bewkes of Time Warner said that the company “doesn’t need the money” that Legendary Films — now working with NBCUniversal — previously provided for the company’s Warner Brothers unit.

Anddddd that’s pretty much it…so much tycoon excitement, right?! Shoot us an e-mail with any tips or gossip.