BRAD FELD: Here’s Proof That Boulder, Colorado is Hotter for Startups Than NYC


According to a recent blog post from Brad Feld, the official results are in for “entrepreneurial density” in American communities — and his stomping ground of Boulder, Colorado is pretty close to the top.

Compiled by Richard Florida at The Atlantic Online, the table below measures VC activity (total money and number of deals) per 100,000 people in a community.

Venture Capital investment per capita


San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara (a.k.a. ‘Silicon Valley’) takes the top spot, unsurprisingly, and the NYC area is near the bottom of the list, at 18. Meanwhile, our friends in Ann Arbor, Michigan — which Huron River Ventures recently called “a natural startup hotbed” — clocks in at a healthy number 11, which I wasn’t expecting.

And anyone want to fill me in on what’s happening in Lawrence, Kansas? Is the University of Kansas an under-the-radar jewel for startup ecosystems?

For his part, Feld thinks that we should be able to delve even deeper and find the most entrepreneurial zip codes; he is confident that Boulder will again surprise some haters.