Did TechCrunch Editor Alexia Tsotsis Just Have a Nervous Breakdown?


Alexia Tsotsis, co-editor of TechCrunch and Zooey Deschanel act-a-like, just published a short, hair-tugging post about the startup world ending — for her at least. Saying she “gives up on you for today,” the drama seems to have been caused by a tweet/pitch from Fashion.gram, who told Alexia that “you might be a tad older than our regular users.”

Alexia also blames her breakdown on the PandoDaily/BeachMint debacle, and a set of Tiki dolls sent to the TechCrunch offices this week, of which Susan Hobbs (Conference Program Chair at TC) writes “ignoring e-mails did not prevent this.”


C’mon Alexia, the Voodoo dolls are kinda cute!

Alexia has been nothing if not an unconventional leader for TechCrunch; she once wrote a drunken post about a New York Times/Flipboard deal, ending with, “Suck it, old media. And please die more slowly from now on, because I (clearly) hate you.”

But anyway, the girl is just a hair above 30 years old…certainly no reason to have an existential breakdown in the middle of the work week.  But if the AOL overlords ever come with the pink slip, Alexia, feel free to shoot us an e-mail…we’ll take ya on as an intern!