MARK SUSTER: Social Media Campaigns Just Got Easier


Measuring social media marketing campaigns is an impotent process. Bragging about how many Facebook ‘likes’ you have is pretty out-of-fashion, and retweets are a similarly questionable measure of success.

According to Mark Suster, the ideal metrics to pull from social media include the kind of social platform campaigns are published on, what time of day is most effective, and for Twitter, which followers drove the RTs that drove the clicks.

To solve this, he’s pitching his readers, a marketing analytics company he invests in. It actually sounds…kinda cool. The company’s social analytics platform just became available to non-technical marketers, providing visualization tools created in partnership with BMW, HP, and “one huge, beloved entertainment company here in LA,” according to Suster.

Suster’s screenshot of the homepage is below:


Pretty snazzy, no?