Silicon Valley Wages Are Officially WAY Higher Than Everywhere Else


According to TechCrunch, the Bay Area pays the nation’s highest median tech wage of $123,497.

The data was crunched by tax-planning startup Good April, and the results are probably not surprising; what is surprising is the pure disparity between San Fran and other tech locales. The second-highest median tech wage belongs to Boston, with $102,230.

The wages also have ramifications for founders, who would be giving up more equity to afford a San Francisco startup team than if they were to launch in, say, Austin, where the median salary is about $93,249. And assuming you’re not some hipster ascetic (there are those kinda dudes in San Fran, too), you’ll probably want at least an average home, in which case you’ll be paying around $805,500. In New York, the median home price is around $535,900, and in Austin, $206,600.

This is not even getting into the income inequality and gentrification issues surrounding the skyrocketing wages, which George Packer of the New Yorker has chronicled at length. If you’re a founder, though, consider the lower taxes and lower overall costs of gettin’ out of the Valley; they could save you a couple hundred thousand.