It’s Official: VCs Are Holding Tight to Their Money Now


According to Forbes, venture capital funding is at its lowest levels since Q2 2010, with 801 American companies raising roughly $7.22 billion in VC money this past quarter.

Hence, we’ve got blunt advice from Mark Suster (make your own revenue) and Ben Horowitz (take a ‘down’ round), and all sorts of hand-wringing from the TechCrunch set. is possibly the biggest winner of the past quarter, raising $150 million and weathering public condemnations of their hostile, anal-retentive founders.

Some other numbers:

-IT companies raised 29% of the total VC funding.

-Business, financial services and healthcare startups each took 18% of the total funding.

-Consumer goods startups saw a 80% decline in funding this past quarter.

-There were 84 mergers and acquisitions the past quarter, led by the Google acquisition of Waze for $1.3 billion.