MARK SUSTER: No One’s Getting Funded…Time to Make Your Own Revenue


Mark Suster has just about had it with all this talk of “monetizing later.” He’s not greedy; he’s not crazy; he just wants entrepreneurs to RING THE F*CKING CASH REGISTER.

The primary issue of the moment, of course, is that we are in a Series A crunch. Venture capital funding is at its lowest since 2010, and Suster puts it bluntly: unless you’re a Stanford computer science graduate with Facebook/Google under your belt (aka 0.00001% of the population), you have to stop waiting for the VC cash flow. It ain’t comin’.

Don’t worry about turning off users; don’t worry about scaring away investors (they’re already scared). And definitely don’t compare yourself to Tumblr/Facebook/Google/Twitter/every other hot company that has struggled with profitability.

You’re only worry now is to delay going out of business — and hopefully strike a strong growth curve during the extra time you buy yourself.