Steve Case Invests $40 Million in Bigcommerce to Push E-commerce Forward, Gets All Uppity


Revolution Growth, the VC fund of former AOL CEO Steve Case, has invested $40 million in Bigcommerce, which distributes software for other companies to create and manage online stores, according to the New York Times.

The hefty funding is a slap in the face to every e-commerce critic, and in the wake of sites like Fab raising $150 million, that’s quite a lot of critics. Basically, Case thinks every entrepreneur should “have Amazon-like e-commerce capabilities, in hours — not months or years.”

Enabling tech-n00bs to sell their goods online is basically the domain of food-delivery startups — guys like GrubHub –and even Zaarly, which recently pivoted to a ‘storefront’ model for consumers. And on the one hand, this Bigcommerce investment seems like a really smart, high-potential enterprise investment.

BUT: Is it just me, or is Steve Case incredibly bombastic and self-satisfied for a guy who led the worst merger, like, OF ALL TIME? I’m talking, of course, of the AOL-Time Warner debacle…and judging by AOL’s recent site closings, Case may not have much of a legacy very soon.

And yet here he is, telling The NYTimes that, “We are simply entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.” I mean that’s very nice of you, Mr. Case, but c’mon bro! What happened to the business of your dreams?