YouVersion, A Bible App That Has Been Downloaded Over 100 Million Times, Could Be the Next Google


If this ‘n+1′ essay on San Francisco’s “sexual vanguard” is any indication, there’s a lot of heathen activity going on in the tech world. Lucky for you — assuming you don’t like to be, ya know, evil — there’s one app which has quietly become a blockbuster hit for the Christian set: YouVersion, which offers over 600 Bible translations in more than 400 languages.

According to the New York Times, YouVersion was created by, one of the nation’s largest evangelical organizations. Leaders don’t take any vows of poverty at LifeChurch: they raised over $60 million in 2012, including $3 million in donations to support the app development.

The app reached over 100 million downloads earlier this month, and a few amusing comparisons are being made to other tech giants. Many people say the company’s “freemium” model of charging for extras like devotional bibles, study bibles and heirloom bibles is based on gaming companies like Zynga. Other Bible publishers worry about YouVersion’s potential monopoly of the digital Bible market, comparing the company to Google.

No surprise that is populated by successful executives, or that YouVersion creator Bobby Gruenewald previously sold a pro wrestling website for $7 million.

Christian readers — is this lucrative Bible update a blessing? Devil’s work? Keep in mind the app does not advertise…let us know  your thoughts in the comments.