FRED WILSON: Here’s How to Get the Most Out Of Mentors


Investors are not always looking out for founder’s best interests, as has been said over and over again, and in a recent blog post, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures dispenses advice for those suffering from ‘mentor/investor whiplash.’

Like any problem in life, staying organized can be apart of the solution. Keep spreadsheets of each meeting and the feedback you receive, and monitor multiple instances of the same advice. Also, take special note of the investors who have no agenda, perhaps the ones who don’t have as much to lose by giving you unbiased advice — this is the purest from of feedback.

Also, pay attention to the market, and even if you’re scaling users but investors haven’t come knocking yet, keep doing what you’re doing. The checkbook-guys will have to take notice eventually, and meanwhile, Fred says “Mr. Market is the best advisor you can have.”