Need Money To Make A Video? Patreon Just Raised $2.1 Million To Help YouTubers Crowdfund


Patreon, an online video fundraising platform founded by musician and YouTube star Jack Conte, has raised a $2.1 million funding round, according to Tubefilter.

Patreon essentially provides would-be YouTube stars a chance to fund their dreams. YouTube is no stranger to crowdfunding, of course; Video Game High School raised over $800,000 on Kickstarter to fund Season 2. And in a way, sites like Patreon provide an outlet for users not quite up to the level of YouTube’s residency program, which hosts 20 YouTube creators every quarter.

A similar crowdfunding, YouTube-focused platform is Subbable, which was recently launched by the Vlogbrothers.

If we are strictly comparing on YouTube stardom here, the Vlogbrothers have Jack Conte beat, with over 1.3 million subscribers compared to Conte’s 160,000. Conte, however, has the power of music: