Entrepreneurs Love Cory Booker, But Is Booker Really An Entrepreneur?


You guys, Newark Mayor and New Jersey Senate candidate Cory Booker has connections to entrepreneurs because he went to Stanford, and The New York Times is ON IT!

Gina Bianchini, executive-in-residence at Andressen Horowitz, told The Times this week that, “Stanford is the piece that is basically the untold story of Cory Booker’s relationship with Silicon Valley.”

The untold story, you say?

Booker is known for his aggressive use of Twitter, and has gained attention in the last few days for his role in Waywire, a video-sharing startup he co-founded, currently owning an equity stake of between $1 million and $5 million.

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt is also a co-founder of Waywire, and the company recently “pivoted” to focus on video curation. We actually reached out to Booker via Twitter in April, asking about his salary for the startup, and he tweeted back, “No salary. All the best.”

His definition of “no salary,” however, could turn out to be fuzzy, and New Jersey Republicans are unsurprisingly using his startup curioso against him. Steve Lonegan recently issued a press release stating that, “If Cory Booker is elected, California will have a third senator, because Booker will be beholden to the Silicon Valley billionaires who funded his ‘start-up’ business,”

New Jersey voters, tell me — do you really care if Booker becomes a millionaire while he’s Senator? Especially considering he’s survived the past 15 years in Newark, a.k.a America’s Scrod Basket?

The real question now seems to be what will happen if Waywire goes belly up, which is the likely scenario if they don’t improve upon the 2,200 visitors to the site in June. Will Booker lose credibility as a politician? Or just as an entrepreneur?