Keek, The Biggest Social Network You’ve Never Heard Of, Is Raising $100 Million


According to VentureBeat, Keek, a video-based social network with over 58 million users, is raising a $100 million funding round with the clear intention of challenging Instagram, Vine and other social-video leaders.

Keek is based in Toronto, Canada, and allows users to post videos up to 36 seconds long. It  is already the top-used video app in 18 countries around the world.

The Kardashians are apparently avid users, with Kim holding almost two million Keek followers and Khloe repping 1.3 million. CEO Isaac Raichyk, a 64-year-old serial entrepreneur, has said that he is not interested in any acquisition offers “unless it has a B in front of it.”

Those canucks really have a penchant for massive funding, don’t they? And just when you thought social-network startups were over…