Priceline Is About To Set A Wall Street Record, And William Shatner Wishes He Never Sold His Shares


According to, Priceline’s third-quarter revenue will increase between 23-30%, and the stock price — currently at $969.89 — is expected to surpass the record $1,000 mark within the next few weeks.


Priceline, while not as renowned for innovation as its “dot-com bubble” cousins Google and Amazon, has managed to grow consistently in Europe since 2005, with international bookings through the site increasing 44% in the second quarter.

Particularly impressive for Priceline are its robust revenues in the face of the European debt crisis. Henry Blodget at Business Insider has already pumped out a post proclaiming the company “the most remarkable comeback story in Internet history.”

Of course, a few analysts can’t help but look slightly over the $1000 horizon, and see the edge of a big ol’ Dot-Com Bubble 2.0. Priceline nearly went belly-up in October 2000, when the company lost 97% of its market value on the S&P 500.

But we…we don’t worry about such negativity here at StartupBook. Rally that stock, boys!