FRED WILSON: A New Team Can’t Save Your Crappy Product


Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures wants you to know that leadership is important…but not as important as getting the product right.

So, if your users are not scaling, don’t call in the management consultants just yet: make sure you’re actually providing value first.

This issue, of course, may not be as salient to larger companies, who switch in new management at the drop of a dime. Case in point: Zynga, which is betting that Don Mattrick will bring some “Microsoft magic” (that’s still a thing, right? We’re in 1998?) to fix the destruction Mark Pincus hath wrought.

Zynga, however, proved they can scale, albeit two years ago; their general product road map has been affirmed. You, on the other hand…do what’s right for your company. And don’t doubt your team leadership until they’ve proven they can’t manage a winning idea.