If You’re A College Student In Silicon Valley, Collegefeed Just Raised $1.8 Million To Help You (And Only You) Find A Job


Collegefeed, a sort of “social network” for college students and employers (unheard of, yes?), has raised $1.8 million in a funding round led by Accel Partners, according to TechCrunch.

Collegefeed helps students access information on financial aid, jobs, interview-preparation tips and alumni/mentor resources, with a big-data recommendation system.

The service is currently only available to students in Silicon Valley, specifically at Stanford, Cal-Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon SV. But don’t fret! There are scores of similar job-recommendation engines:

If you’re a freelance writer, try Scripted, which recently raised over $4.5 million to help ink-stained wretches adapt to the digital age.

If you’re a developer, then you probably need help choosing between your gold-plated offfers, in which case you could opt for DeveloperAuction, which raised $2.7 million earlier this year to help techies set up structured bidding wars for their services.

Finally, you could go directly for Collegefeed’s competitor, Seelio, which recently raised $900,000 and has already partnered with the MIT, Georgetown and the University of Michigan to help students develop multimedia resumes and portfolios.

And there’s always LinkedIn, if you’re a generic-corporate kinda guy….

So basically, every unemployed millenial has an option for getting off their mom’s couch…but Collegefeed doesn’t seem to worried about the crowded market. Has anybody used Collegefeed’s service/want to let us know how it compares? Drop us a line at editor@startupbook.co.