Harvard Dropout and Thiel Fellow Ben Yu Wants To Spray You With Caffeine


Ben Yu, one of Peter Thiel’s elite cadre of college dropouts cum entrepreneurs via the Thiel Fellowship, has unveiled an Indiegogo project for his grand experiment: sprayable caffeine.

According to BusinessWeek, Yu developed Sprayable Energy with Deven Soni — a 33-year-old former VC — and his father, who has a PhD in bioorganic chemistry and owns a chemistry lab in China. Yu’s goal is to raise $15,000, which is the minimum supply his manufacturer will brew, and he has invested a total of $50,000 into developing the spray so far.

Yu spent a semester at Harvard before joining the Thiel Fellowship; so other than the support of the world’s greatest VC, why exactly should we be spraying ourselves with caffeine instead of chugging morning coffee?

For one thing, it’s efficient — four sprays will get you a bit less caffeine than cup of coffee, and because the chemicals are absorbed through the skin, Yu says consumers will avoid the peaks and crashes of a typical caffeine rush.

Because each bottle contains 40 doses, we’re guessing that curious teenagers and ne’er-do-wells will inevitably be chugging the stuff, although Yu says it would “probably be more pleasant to eat a cockroach.”

Four Loko 2.0, anyone?