FRED WILSON: Here’s Why Twitter’s Product Development Followed Its Team Building


“Only the paranoid survive,” folks.

Wilson explains that Greg Pass of Twitter was constantly iterating his team while scaling the product; you should not expect that the employees who brought you to a million users will get you to 10 million. The striving for team-perfection can lead to unexpected places — such as Twitter hiring Dick Costolo, a former stand-up comedian, as CEO. But if they had stuck with Jack Dorsey as CEO, the product would’ve been completely different (and arguably flakier).

To some extent, this side of management can get nasty. Wilson echoes previous bits of wisdom, where he urged founders to be unafraid of firing their first team. Honesty and transparency are most important, but you have to know when to hire, when to fire, and when to just start all over — just like with products.