Bang With Friends Revamps With A New Name, New Design, Same Ol’ Sex


According to BetaBeat, Bang With Friends is back in the App Store, with a cleaner design, less overt name — “Down” — and subtler connection button, allowing users to indicate whether they are “down to hang.”

Same service, more family-friendly name — Bang With Friends is officially the 2 Chainz (a.k.a Tity Boi) of the startup world.

Founded by 28-year-old brogrammer Colin Hodge, the app is basically a more forthright Tinder and OkCupid; users connect with friends (or strangers) on the site and arrange times to hang, bang, boomerang…whatever floats their boat.

The app was booted from the App Store earlier this summer for being too darn sexy. More recently, Bang With Friends was sued by Zynga for their use of the “With Friends” moniker, which might have had something to do with the name-change.

No word yet on whether Zynga will drop the lawsuit, although maybe Mark Pincus should take a page from Hodge’s book and live for the moment….life is too short for complicated relationships, business or otherwise. Either bang ’em or leave ’em, Pincus, get it over with!