A New Yahoo Logo Unveiled By An Intern Is Way Cooler Than Marissa Mayer’s


UPDATE!  Max’s video of the Yahoo redesign has been removed from Vimeo, and his personal website is now out of service. Wonder if a certain Yahoo CEO was sour about getting beat by her own intern…

Valleywag reports that Yahoo intern Max Ma — who Marissa Mayer personally thanked for his work on the new Yahoo logo —  had his own, fairly radical ideas for the logo, which he has posted on his personal website.

A splashy video he made of the logo features the disclaimer “This is just an inspiration animation,” although it’s hard not to take the hint that Mayer missed an opportunity for serious creativity. According to Mashable, almost 79% consumers prefer the old logo.

Before you watch the video embedded below, take a look at the almost angular, painfully bland logo which Mayer claims she personally helped develop:


Now watch the intern’s logo in action: