DISRUPTING DIPLOMAS AND SNACKING ON THE INTERNET: Here’s The Best Entrepreneur Advice From Across The Web


More venture capitalists spittin’ truth, you guys….grab a Red Bull and set aside fifteen minutes for your daily lessons.

“Disrupting the Diploma,” by Reid Hoffman“Two hundred years ago, what you learned about Latin, the Bible, and mathematics when you were 21 was just as likely to be true when you turned 70. So you spent four straight years in college lecture halls and libraries, you acquired skills and knowledge that would serve you for life, and then you were done. Now, in today’s fast-changing world, it makes more sense to learn provisionally, opportunistically, as new challenges and necessities arise.”

“The Internet Is For Snacking,” by Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz“The successful products took big meals and converted them to snacks. The Internet likes snacks – simple, focused products that capture an atomic behavior and become compound only by linking in and out to other services. This has become even more so with the shift to mobile. People check their phones frequently, in short bursts, looking for nuggets of information.”

“Google F1 and The Cascade Of Innovation New Databases Create,” by Tomaz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures“I first saw MapReduce at Google. I’ll never forget the conversation I shared with a search engineer who described MapReduce. Separate the data, process each chunk individually, and reassemble it. That’s how it works, he told me. It was fascinating and unlike the SQL mechanics I knew.”

“Adding Value: The Big Picture (Advice From VCs),” by Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures“You still have to determine whether you should trust a particular person on the big picture or not. There are unfortunately very few signals for this and success of companies is an incredibly noisy signal. Therefore my recommendation is: call your fellow entrepreneurs and get their feedback on the quality of advice they have received.”