Google Executives Can Teach You How To Backstab And Sleep Your Way To The Top


The recent “Google love triangle” involving Sergey Brin, Google Glass marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg and (former) Android VP Hugo Barra has offered a remarkable peek into the world’s randiest, most powerful Internet company.

But according to Business Insider, Google’s ‘Game of Thrones’-style sexual politics stretches back to the company’s founding. Among the more scandalous company feuds and trysts:

-Earlier this year, CEO Larry Page gathered his top executives at the swanky Carneros Inn at Napa Valley, and informed the power circle that the Google would now have “zero tolerance for fighting.” This rightly flabbergasted many attendees, since Page and Brin had always encouraged the tribal warfare as a way to rapidly experiment.

-Early employee and current Google Ventures partner David Krane said that in meetings, Brin and Page “would be downright rude to each other, confidently dismissing ideas as stupid or naive or calling each other bastards.”

-As described by Douglas Edwards, a.k.a the 59th employee of Google: “We had a crash cot in a windowless nap room for those who had reached the edge of endurable fatigue and lurched beyond it. One afternoon, a staffer peeked in and found two engineers on the bed, engaged in an act of noncomputational parallel processing.”

-Vic Gundotra, head of Google+, often uses a strategy called “licking the cookie,” akin to a grade-schooler licking a cookie so classmates won’t steal it. In the case of Google+, this meant bragging about features and products long before they were actually built — eventually ensuring that Google+ is built into every Google product.

-Google chairman Eric Schmidt is infamous for his very-public mistresses, and has a “thing” for TV newsladies/PR execs: Marcy Simon, Kate Bohner and Lisa Shields have all been linked to Poppa Schmidt, according to Gawker.