How We Reacted To Hearing About Cinegif’s $500,000 Funding Round


According to Silicon Hill News, Austin-based Cinegif has raised $500,00 in angel funding for its “animated graphic technology” marketing platform.

Basically, they specialize in GIF-marketing, and in addition to a ‘Do It Yourself’ tool they also host an extensive GIF stock image library.

I…wow…there’s only one way to explain my feelings I guess…

When I first heard that Cinegif is raising money to market its GIF creation-engine — of which there are countless available for free — I was like:


I mean really, isn’t Cinegif just a glorified creative marketing agency? Is there really much room for expansion? Will they be able to pay investors back?

Then I actually looked at the Cinegif site, and was relieved to see that their GIFs are a bit above the Internet-average; nothing mind-blowing, but I enjoyed some of the more artsy exhibitions, like this one of animated beer labels:


I imagine Cinegif as a bunch of Austin hipsters, just coding and animating pictures like:


And then I thought about how $500,000 isn’t all that much money, at least compared to the nine-figure rounds rolling around Silicon Valley recently. Cinegif has already pulled in HP as a client, although HP isn’t exactly known for innovation at this point. Still, might we see more marketing agencies jump on the GIF-bandwagon in coming months?


“Damn,” I thought to myself. “What’s stopping me compiling my own GIF stock library and charging people to use it?” ‘Cause that might be more productive then my current job (blogger) where all day I’m just like:


Meanwhile, those hyper-creative GIF-geniuses over at Cinegif could care less what I think, because they, unlike me, are getting paid to create bullsh*t on the Internet: