Kozmo, A Failed E-Commerce Delivery Service From 2001, Is Rising From The Dead


Kozmo.com, an online delivery service which offered FREE delivery of almost any item, with tips discouraged, will be relaunching in the coming months, according to Gizmodo.

Kozmo was founded in 1997 by 25-year-old Joseph Park, and ballooned to over 3,300 employees before running out of money in April 2001. According to The New Straits Times, Park was a former Goldman Sachs securities analyst who conceptualized Kozmo after growing impatient with Amazon’s multiple-day delivery service. Orange-suited ‘Kozmonauts’ were apparently a common sight in turn-of-the-millennium NYC.

Bloggers and industry analysts, of course, see this as a clear sign of irony: we’re in Tech Bubble 2.0, and even the ghosts of failed startups are clinging to the edge. But the really funny thing is, a very similar company to Kozmo has already received funding: PostMates, a courier service that launched in NYC in May. PostMates guarantees delivery of anything within an hour, with fees starting at $5.

Nothing compares to the free delivery of Kozmo’s hey-day, but it’s pretty obvious that Kozmo will be demanding service fees this time around….unless they genuinely enjoy declaring bankruptcy.