SecondMarket Launches Bitcoin Investment Fund, Beats Winklevoss Twins To The Punch


SecondMarket is raising money for a Bitcoin investment fund, according to The New York Times, and will allow consumers to bet on future prices of the virtual currency.

SecondMarket is primarily known for allowing users to buy shares of private companies — like Twitter — and their venture into the murky waters of Bitcoin raises serious questions, like “Are investors going to go bankrupt?”

Says NYT reporter Nathaniel Popper, “There is a question of whether [Bitcoins] could be worth anything.”

Bitcoin is currently trading at around $132, according to Mt. Gox.

The Winklevoss twins made headlines in July when they filed an IPO for their Bitcoin holding company, The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, which has yet to be approved. Since then, the world has also learned of a $65 million Bitcoin ‘Ponzi scheme,’ executed by Trendon T. Shavers of Texas, and the federal government seized $5 million from Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox.

Those Winklevii just can’t get first in anything, can they?