Clinkle, Run By A Group Of Stanford Dropouts, Releases Crazy Commercial Featuring Violins, Baristas, Headless Doctor


Some of you may remember Clinkle, the mobile-payments startup which currently employs 20 Stanford drop-outs and recently raised a $25 million seed funding round. They just released their first ‘commercial,’ and it’s…it’s really something.

From the commercial: “A young violinist is getting a degree, thanks to a professor who starts his morning with a barista, who is comforted by a doctor, who is inspired…by the music…of a young violinist.”

Me, struggling to comprehend: “So…so the violinist is studying differential equations? And plays for coins on the subway before class?”

Give the commercial a gander, and let us know your thoughts.

UPDATE 9/27: A reader has just sent us a link to a ‘Clinkle Screenshots’ Tumblr, for those of you REALLY curious about what the Clinkle team has up their sleeve (besides nutty commercials):