Tackk Raises $1.2 Million For Content-Generation Tools, But Do We Really Need More Memes?


Tackk has raised a $1.2 million funding round to expand its ‘content-creation’ platform and maybe — just maybe — catch this groovy lil’ wave we call ‘social media.’

What’s that? The social media boom has been dead since 2011? Well, fine, let’s see how Tackk is trying to differentiate:

a) WORDS WITH PICTURES: That’s right…users can combine images, audio, video and text to create specialized content. Y’know, kind of like you can do with Memegenerator.net, PicCollage.com, and Urturn.com.

Okay, fine, not much value-add there, but…

b) YOU DON’T NEED TO CREATE A TACKK ACCOUNT: Okay, this actually is unusual. With Tackk, users can immediately start creating, downloading and sharing their content on social media, without actually becoming an official user.

A quick perusal of Tackk creations shows relatively limited fonts/formats, but some fairly professionalized recipe cards and party invitations. Seems like a pretty…questionable…use of $1.2 million. But I had to be fair and try the thing out before making a flash judgement, so, um, here:

See on Tackk.com

Uh oh, Tackk says that I have to “have a large enough space” to embed a creation on a blog. Which is a shame, ‘cuz I wrote a bunch of sweet stuff underneath the Godzilla picture, and even included a cool little button. Tackk, what’s the deal here? Better make sure you’re fully compatible with WordPress before raising any more millions…