GIR Founder Samantha Rose Is Redefining The Spatula And Creating A Home-Lifestyle Brand For The Kickstarter Generation


The Get It Right (GIR) Spatula was, like many kitchen inventions, a child of serendipity and frustration. After burning a spatula on her stove, Samantha Rose (above, left) says she wondered aloud to her husband, “Why don’t they make these out of one piece?”

“I thought it’s such an obvious thing, it must exist … It didn’t,” Rose said. “We just kind of hit the pavement with it.”

Less than three years after beginning experiments for a one-piece silicone spatula, Rose and her NYC-based team are at the helm of two successful Kickstarter campaigns, a patent-pending design and a budding home lifestyle brand. The GIR spatula comes in 13 sleek colors, and has garnered press acclaim from ‘The Today Show,’ New York Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Food & Wine, and Serious Eats.

Perfecting the spatula design was a tricky mix of material science and design aesthetic, particularly when testing the heat limit of silicone, which Rose says is often falsely advertised (any silicon product advertising melting points higher than 550 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Rose, is “just wrong”). In getting GIR off the ground, Rose also says she used some family tricks learned during the first dot-com boom, when her father “branded companies out of our living room.”


GIR is currently developing new designs for baby products, cycling products and other kitchen supplies, and Rose notes that even out of the kitchen, the spatulas are “the best teething tool of all time” for her 7-month-old son.

The company’s current Kickstarter campaign has so far pulled in over $94,195, eclipsing the $50,000 goal and setting the stage for the new ‘Mini,’ ‘Skinny’ and ‘Pro’ size spatulas. The original spatulas can also be purchased at the GIR website for $22.50 each.

“We’re in it for the long haul as a creative team,” says Rose.