True&Co. Raises $4 Million To Help Females Find The Right Bra Fit…We Hope VCs Aren’t Just Being Creepy


True&Co., an e-commerce company that pledges to help females find better-fitting bras, has raised a $4 million funding round from VegasTechFund, Crosslink, FundersClub and Nozad, according to TechCrunch.

No surprise that a bunch of bro-heavy VC firms are itching to get closer to a company that provides endless analysis on the female anatomy…but does True&Co. actually have traction?

There’s no word on the company’s user base, although it has stacked one heck of a team in the past few months: CTO Brian Emmett was previously director of engineering at Netflix, and adviser Chris Pouliot is currently Netflix’s Director of Analytics.

Combining algorithms with fashion is becoming quite, um, fashionable in the startup world: Asorti, a startup out of MIT, calculates ideal texture, color and prices for various fashion get-ups and generate  ‘matching ensembles.’, an Estonian startup, has created a ‘virtual fitting room’ tool that helps users try-before-they-buy clothes online.

I didn’t actually get past the front page True&Co. since, y’know, I felt kinda creepy… If you want to know more about the site’s actual operations, I think Ryan Lawler at TechCrunch probably had the time of his life reporting this article.