When 500 Startups Release Their Pop Music Video Covers, Everyone Loses


Taken at face value, the video below is just a very poorly-edited video cover of Lorde’s “Royals,” which is currently sitting atop Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for the fifth week in a row.

But consider the fact that the young people lip-syncing and dancing are leading the seventh “batch” of companies at 500 Startups — one of the premier startup incubators in Silicon Valley — and you’ll realize that this video is a huge, huge business mistake.

Whoever’s singing the lyrics, I’ll give her props….she’s gotta voice. But for the other founders attaching themselves to this video, the issue comes down to one of branding: the video sucks. And the lyrics are embarrassing — “We don’t care, we’re ridin’ IPOs in our dreams.” Really?

Should we expect these folks to have the same shoddy standards for their own products?

The fact that 500 Startups would “lead” the founders into releasing such a terrible video — even if its just a pop-song cover — does not inspire me to learn more about the companies. If anything, I’m left to assume that these young businesspeople have no appreciation for marketing, video production, or any semblance of creative expression. Aren’t the best founders creative and perfectionists?

But hey, maybe its just a fun lil’ video to make up for the “late nights, working in the bathrooms”…let us know your thoughts in the comments section.