TechCrunch Is Revolting Against Tim Armstrong’s ‘Disrupt AOL’ Conference


Snarky millennial bloggers do make for easy employees. That’s the harsh lesson AOL is learning, over and over again…this time by asking their young charges to participate in a company-wide “Disrupt AOL” event.

The keepers of all things “Disrupt,” TechCrunch, were not pleased.

Ryan Lawler writes that, “One could argue that having the Disrupt branding ‘borrowed’ without our knowledge for this ‘exciting event’ is an example of such ‘oppenness.'”

So many sarcastic ‘quotes,’ Ryan! But all in line with TechCrunch’s editorial independence, I suppose. Just don’t go airing any embarrassing AOL secrets…

“What if someone Disrupted our horrible internal employee portal, which is only accessible through the most arcane and impossible VPN you might never hope to use? What if someone found a way to Disrupt our massive — and growing — layer of middle management at AOL, thereby crippling our bureaucracy and spiraling the company out of control?”


In the past few months, we’ve seen TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington effectively disown the blog; editor-in-chief Alexia Tsotsis have a breakdown over being called ‘old’ on Twitter; and now one of the site’s more prominent writers punching upward at his AOL overlords.

In TechCrunch’s defense, the cheery corporate-ese of the internal memo rings true with CEO Tim Armstrong’s work thus far: endless ‘philosophies,’ corporate talk and snoozy branding, with very little substance.