Delivery Boys Are Becoming Cool Thanks To Startups


The New York Times recently followed a delivery trip of New York City eBay Now vale’ Fermin Andujar, and wouldn’t ya know it, that job is freakin’ stressful.

The trend of delivering (almost) anything, anywhere in under an hour is a holdover from dot-com boom of the late ’90s, when several high-profile delivery firms went bust. One of those companies, Kozmo, recently announced they were relaunching. Other startups focusing on same-day delivery include Postmates, which launched in NYC in May, and Deliv, which is focused on the retail space and raised $1 million in March.

Mr. Andujar — the centerpiece of the NYT article — doesn’t work for one of these underdogs; he’s a key component in eBay’s plans to make personal shoppers available to all. He manages to make his delivery of baby supplies to the intended destination in under an hour, and the customer — one Karen Horowitz — says she will order again. Score one for eBay!

Although he is only 19, Andujar is also eminently qualified over your typical hourly wage-slave, if we are to believe Forrester retail analyst Sucharita Mulpuru. Mulpuru tells the Times that, “You just can’t get any hourly worker at Popeyes to do this — you need someone with a work ethic and a sense of urgency and a willingness to go out of the standard operating procedure to delight the customer.”

Well…no reason to besmirch Popeye’s employees, Ms. Mulpuru, but um, point taken.