In The History Of Viral Video Advertisements, 2013 Was The Year Of “Pranks”


London-based video technology startup Unruly has created a fairly neat interactive infographic showing the progression of viral video ads since 2006 (H/T PandoDaily). Turns out, 2012 was the year of “EMO” — creating shareable content built on raw emotion — and 2013 was the year of “Pranks,” as judged by Pepsi’s series of high-profile gags featuring Kyrie Irving as ol’ school Uncle Drew and Jeff Gordon as Steve the Minivan-Driving Madman.

I was surprised that Geico’s ‘Hump Day Camel’ commercial received over 4,000,000 shares this year — I personally got very sick, very fast of that smart-aleck camel. Let us know your thoughts on the year’s most viral videos in the comments section.