Uber’s Internal Revenue Statistics Have Leaked, And Now CEO Travis Kalanick Is Out For Blood


A leaker sent Valleywag a screenshot of Uber’s internal revenue numbers earlier today, and they’re, um, pretty impressive.

  • Uber will likely pull in over $210 million in revenue by year’s end
  • As of November 20, the average gross revenue per completed ride is about $24.91
  • Of 1.2 million Uber requests between Nov. 11 – Nov. 18, 75% were completed.
  • In the week of Nov. 11-Nov. 18, 175,000 users saw no rides available when they opened the app

It’s almost enough to make me apologize for mocking their $326.1 million funding round earlier this year, as well as their plan to expand into ice-cream delivery. Almost.

Regardless of the unexpected positive press, CEO Travis Kalanick tells AllThingsD that “we will be looking to take action against the individual leaker and Valleywag source in short order.” But Kalanick’s quest for vengeance has already encountered an obstacle — Gawker editor-in-chief John Cook says that the leaker who sent the screengrab was not the same person who logged into the administrative platform.

According to TechCrunch, Uber is currently valued at around $3.5 billion. The Los Angeles Times reports that Uber will also be delivering Christmas trees this Thursday, in a partnership with Home Depot – presumably giving us a taste of what Kalanick ultimately envisions as an “instant gratification service.”