First Round Capital Releases Holiday Parody Music Video, Puts 500 Startups To Shame


First Round Capital released their annual holiday video earlier this week, and although they’ve disabled ratings — a generally bad sign — I’m actually-impressed at the overall quality. First Round-funded founders from Birchbox, Blue Plate, Curalate and many other companies all turn in competent performances, even when singing cornball lyrics like “Chasing dreams and crushing goals” to the tune of Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop.’

Honestly, anything’s better than the grainy, barely-coherent parodies from 500 Startups; Dave McClure could learn a thing or two.

First Round Partner Howard Morgan — formally a computer science professor at the University of Pennsylvania — is featured riding a wrecking ball, à la Miley Cyrus, and other 2013 viral trends parodied in the video include:

“What Does The Fox Say?” by Ylvis

The Harlem Shake

Geico’s ‘Hump Day’ commercial, featuring a talking camel

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Twerking Girl Catches Fire’ Prank