Ken Lerer And His Daughter Try To Create An Animal-Focused Huffington Post With The Dodo


The Dodo, a news site focused on animals, officially launched earlier today, according to TechCrunch. Unlike the thousands (millions?) of animal-focused sites popping up daily, The Dodo has the Magic Media touch of Ken Lerer, the Huffington Post/BuzzFeed/Betaworks co-founder and modern-day William Randolph Hearst.

So what’s the value proposition for animal news? Lerer explains to New York magazine, “The New York Times has an animal-rights story … on the front page every three weeks.”

So there’s that; but the true editorial vision for The Dodo comes from Lerer’s daughter, Isabel — the site’s co-founder — who is an animal-lover of the highest intellectual order. She just completed a Ph.D. at Columbia studying animal and human interactions, and the senior Lerer claims she has convinced him to go vegetarian.

The site is built on top of content-management system RebelMouse (also a Lerer Ventures investment), and is also lorded over by Kerry Lauerman, the former editor-in-chief of Salon.

The site’s first-day of publishing features a very Huffington-esque mix of high-low content: ‘Sting Operation Traps Poaching Kingpins‘ and ‘Justin Bieber’s Monkey Is Doing Fine (No Thanks to the Biebs)‘ are two of the highest-featured stories.

We’re also treated to an opinion piece by Arianna Huffington, who declares that gazelles ‘are my role models.’

High-low content, indeed.