Facebook Acquires Branch For $15 Million, Led By Founder Who Said Facebook Was A ‘Bad Brand’


According to BetaBeat, Facebook has acquired New York City-based ‘online conversation’ startup Branch Media for $15 million.

Branch CEO Josh Miller is a 23-year-old Princeton dropout who describes himself as “kind of a political buff.” Indeed, Miller first grabbed the web’s attention with a December 2012 Medium post, where he accused Facebook of “effectively” bribing politicians, and questioned whether Mark Zuckerberg had built “an irreversibly bad brand.”

Miller seemed to reverse his position on Facebook about two weeks ago, under the headline, “Why I’m Bullish On Facebook.”

According to Miller’s Facebook status, the Branch team will remain in NYC and focus on building a ‘Conversations’ team at Facebook. Miller also noted that he was “writing this haphazardly from a mountain in Japan.”

Branch has not released user figures, although Miller & Co. seem to have made the right friends in the right places — The New York Times used the startup to organize discussions about the 2012 elections, and Miller tells Business Today he was introduced to co-founder Hursh Agrawal by BuzzFeed mogul Jonah Peretti.