Date Night Is…, Launched By An NYC Couple, Wants Our Generation To Find Romance

Date Night Is…, a New York City-based service connecting couples with date night ideas, has been steadily garnering customers over the past several months, and CEO/co-founder Danny Nathan says the company is intent on differentiating from other dating sites.

“In my mind, where we’re headed is a world where anything and everything is a dating site,” Nathan told us. “There’s so much stuff out there about how to craft the perfect profile….at a certain point, it’s just not real anymore.”

That’s why Date Night Is… focuses on established couples, as opposed to the swingin’ singles generally associated with the millenial generation. The website provides a steady stream of date ideas for locales around the U.S., with particular focus on the NYC area, and currently makes money through affiliate partnerships with certain restaurants and institutions.

Date Night Is… also maintains a highly curated blog, posting interviews with long-term couples, recipes, travel tips and other romance-themed features. The focus on original content is not accidental — Nathan tells us that personal advice from other couples have found particular traction with their audience, and hopes to “create a less-sales driven environment for discovering great dates.”

As Date Night Is… expands, Nathan plans to source more specialized dates from local institutions, such as bars and restaurants, and eventually organize premium event offerings.

Nathan originally launched Date Night Is… as an email newsletter with his girlfriend, Joni Goldbach, and has been working full-time on the project for the past year. He was previously director of creative strategy at Makeable, a NYC-based digital agency. Having spent his career focused on innovation strategy, Nathan says that there is no better time to be an entrepreneur — particularly in New York City.

“New York has arguably the greatest startup community in the world,” Nathan said. “The support system, the access to events, the opportunities to network and meet other people who are going through similar struggles are nearly endless.”